Top Tips for creating a Safety Culture

Mar 14
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As trends in health and safety management seem to be shifting from approaches with a control, blame and compliant focus: now comes the era of a proactive, committed and positive approach to safety through strategies to develop a positive “safety culture”.

Creating a safety culture can seem like a daunting task at all levels of an organisation. Ultimately it is a combination of attitudes, conditions (environment) and systems which can all in their own way be extremely complex. Here are some top tips for creating a safety culture which will ultimately improve safety performance.

  1. Recognise the safety successes of your staff and CELEBRATE THEM! Do not play the blame game! Focus on the positive and not the negative
  2. Boost commitment at all levels through regular distribution of information on safety initiatives and processes
  3. Leadership must show a willingness to invest in health and safety
  4. A measurement and assessment system is in place for attitudes and perceptions of safety
  5. See health and safety as a continuous effort to achieve excellence in safety performance

Regardless of which sector your business lies in, do you have any tricks of the trade for implementing a healthy safety culture? Our Safety Psychology conference is approaching and will be looking at fostering continuous improvement in safety performance – what are your thoughts? To receive regular newsletters including great insights, tips and how to’s – sign up here to our blog newsletter photo credit: Peter Kaminski via photopin cc

Submitted by Laura Dunlop

Laura Dunlop

Laura is a producer at Criterion. She has a passion for research and loves collecting interesting perspectives and turning it into actionable insights for conference attendees. She loves discovering new bands. Fun fact about Laura -Laura is a firm believer that “you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce”.

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