New Report Reveals One in Ten Victorian Hospital Beds Not Being Used

Apr 15
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Here are some scary statistics and facts for you.

Hospital Beds

One in ten available hospital beds in Victoria is not being used.

18% of operating theatres are closed.

Out of Victoria’s 13,981 inpatient public beds, more than 1,400 are closed at any one time.

So where are these confronting figures coming from? The independent Travis Review, headed by former Australian Medical Association Victoria president Dr Doug Travis, was commissioned by the Andrews Government to identify the number of beds in the state and recommend strategies to improve capacity.

State-Wide Service and Infrastructure Plan Needed

Well, the identification reveals that these statistics are simply not good enough. It shows that not ALL hospitals are operating at full capacity – how does this make you feel as a member of the public that may one day need these hospital services? Personally, I can safely say that I am on report author, Dr Doug Travis’s side when he says “Not all facilities meet community expectation and contemporary standards for hospitals facilities”.

Dr Doug Travis concluded this revealing report with 15 recommendations, the most notable being a state-wide service and infrastructure plan to guide future resources as well as a “fundamental shift” in the way hospital capacity was measured:

“This fundamental shift in thinking is because of changes in technology
and practice that enable care to be delivered with less time in hospital
– either at home in an alternative community setting. 
For this reason,
I recommend when you are considering capacity issues, there should
be a greater focus on reporting the proportion of patients who fail to be
treated within clinically recommended timeframes, outpatient
appointment waiting times and the time it takes to clear a waiting list”.

SO the only question that remains is how these hospitals can deliver these expectations on the ground? Does your hospital utilise service design to improve patient flow?

The next conference in this series, Whole of Hospital Strategies to Improve Patient Flow, takes place in May 2016. Book your place by February 19th to save $400.

Patient Flow 2016


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