Improving Hospital Admission Rates through Better GP Advice

Sep 15
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A new study conducted by the Medical Journal of Australia has highlighted that one in four older hospital patients could have avoided admission if their GP had better managed their health risks. As much as $300 million is being spent treating elderly patients who have been prescribed the wrong medication or treatment.

For example, more than 25.2% of hospital admissions had been previously prescribed ‘suboptimal medication-related processes of care.’ Of those patients who had been admitted with congestive heart failure, 17.1 % had a history of CHF but had not been prescribed the relevant medication in the three months before admission. Additionally, approximately one in ten admissions for gastrointestinal bleeding were linked to long term use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

The report recommends that ‘results could be used to inform and focus the development of interventions and efforts to improve the quality of healthcare delivery, potentially reducing morbidity and healthcare costs.’

An ageing population and a rise in chronic disease has resulted in an increased pressure on the entire health system to become more integrated and seamless.  The Abbott government has recently launched a review of primary care to determine whether amendments to service delivery are required.

Dr Michael Crampton (RACGP GP of the year 2014) from Western Sydney Local Health District and WentWest has promoted the need for a shared care plan for chronic disease management.  By implementing a shared care plan between both acute and primary services, providers can ensure patients always receive the right care at the right time.

Dr Michael Crampton will be facilitating a workshop on ‘How to develop a shared care plan for chronic disease management’ at the Transitioning to an Integrated Health Service Conference taking place in Sydney this October. Book your place by September 25th to save $100!

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