How to Improve Patient Flow

Jan 16
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Waiting times in hospitals will always be a highly political issue. As demand for acute services continues to increase, it is imperative that stakeholders along the continuum of care assess their impact on the system and engage in practices that will create optimal patient flow.

Over the years we’ve run many conferences on patient flow and below we outline some great resources including tips, strategies and information to help you reach both efficiency and quality outcomes.

We hope you find them useful!

Improving Patient Flow eBook: Governance, Collaboration & Theatre Management

Read what previous speakers from Fiona Stanley Hospital, Princess Alexandria Hospital and more had to say on effective governance structures, improving collaboration between medical and nursing staff and implementing theatre improvement programs.

4 Ways to Improve Patient Flow

Four quick tips on patient journey design, use of data, growing specialties, and entry and exit portals.  

Discharging Mental Health Patients DAILY – A Good Response to Patient Flow Issues?

In January last year, The Bed Access and Patient Flow Document issued by Monash Health instructed staff to discharge a minimum of three patients a day from all mental health wards.

Overwhelming Increase in NSW Emergency Department Admissions

Patient numbers in NSW emergency departments have increased by 25% in the past five years, according to a new report by the Bureau of Health Information. 

New Report Reveals One in Ten Victorian Hospital Beds Not Being Used

As of April last year, one in ten available hospital beds in Victoria were not being used, 18% of operating theatres are closed, and out of Victoria’s 13,981 inpatient public beds, more than 1,400 were closed at any one time.

Addressing the Impact of Lean Management on Patient Flow

Lean six sigma (LSS) is a methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste.

Utilising Effective Governance to Drive Performance & Improve Patient Flow

Following the release of the NHPA 2011-2012 report, Princess Alexandra Hospital undertook to reduce delays in their Emergency Department.

The Flow of Patients and the Power of Stories

“Following an eight-day stay in hospital, Gerard, a retired economist and management consultant, wrote to the trust’s chief executive. Although he felt he’d been treated well and had a good outcome, he knew that his care hadn’t been organised in an optimal way.”

Want to know more?

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The next conference in this series, Whole of Hospital Strategies to Improve Patient Flow, takes place in May 2016. Book your place by February 19th to save $400.

Patient Flow 2016

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