Forecasting Activity Capacity Electronically (FACE)

Aug 16
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FACE is a home grown Patient Flow meeting and reporting tool which now runs across all Metro South Hospital and Health Service sites. This visual tool provides forecasting for daily activity and capacity as well as incorporating information sharing at the clinician level.

FACE was introduced at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in 2009. In its infancy, its application consisted of a basic access database which replaced the manual transcription onto a daily worksheet that was then viewed on an overhead projector.

FACE has since evolved and now pulls data from various corporate systems as well as allowing direct data entry and a range of reporting from the product. With its most recent upgrade of the application the program has been successfully rolled out across the whole of the HHS offering a range of opportunities to staff and teams utilising the system.

Tailored to facility needs, it provides information on various clinical fields as well, and a resourcing platform is available to identify staffing needs or surplus. The program provides a drill down on NEAT performance, summarises previous day predictions against actual discharges, identifies current patients waiting admission and utilises direct input data and ED admission predictive forecasting to provide an end of day occupancy, bed availability and closed bed summary. QAS escalations can also be input into the system for reporting. All teams from frontline staff to Executive can subscribe to receive the daily report allowing a global understanding of activity and activity performance across all levels.

There are some exciting enhancements currently with our build team which will see hospital status coding directly related to action procedures or notification pathways. A program maintenance, feedback and events register for teams to log jobs and know the status of the request in the system is currently pending production and the introduction of high care area OPD or procedural areas that impact on inpatient activity and admission, discharge and patient flow as a whole are being incorporated to the product.

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Submitted by Janet Hardwick

Janet Hardwick

In her role, ADON Patient Flow Unit at Princess Alexandra Hospital QLD, Janet has been the driving force behind a variety of projects that aim to provide efficient, effective patient flow within Metro South Health. These include the the development of a web based patient transport application; the development of a medication key management system to support clinicians in the management of medication and a program that forecasts daily activity providing a snapshot by facility and reporting capabilities to meet organisational requirements.

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