Excellence in health service delivery – where workplace culture and learning meet

Mar 16
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Achieving excellence in health service delivery is not for the faint-hearted or impatient, nor is it an end point. Achieving excellence is a journey of change, commitment, practice, discovery, more change, patience, integration and tenacity.

Such is the journey that Hunter New England Health embarked on approximately six years ago. Utilising an organisation-wide vision for the future, “Excellence – every patient, every time”, and an overarching strategy for achieving excellence, the organisation has focused on aligning goals, behaviour and process to deliver services.

Evolution towards consistent quality

Patient experiences and stories provide the grist for the mill when it comes to organisational learning. Supporting strategies such as the Workplace Harmony Framework, strong internal partnerships and targeted risk mitigation education strategies work cohesively together to drive organisational evolution towards consistent quality service delivery.

And evolution it is! We do not purport to know it all or have all the answers. What we do know and what we can talk about is how the journey is unfolding, the great experiences and the challenges. What we do know is the value of following the path when there are many opportunities to take diversions. What we do know is that focused attention, collaboration and tenacity can drive a commitment to excellence through workplace culture and learning.

Julie Dixon and Nerrida Barton from Hunter New England Local Health District will be co-presenting on ‘Developing a culture that supports and drives learning and excellence’ at the Health Workforce Planning & Development Conference this April. Book your place by March 24th to save $100 on ticket prices.

Health Workforce Planning

Submitted by Julie Dixon and Nerrida Barton

Julie Dixon is Manager of Organisational Development and Design, and Nerrida Barton is Director of Organisational Capability and Learning at Hunter New England Health.

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