Examining Vascular Access with Tim Spencer

Jul 14
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Effective use of vascular access devices are vital in preventing and controlling Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s). Tim Spencer is the President of the Australian Vascular Access Society and an authority when it comes to appropriately administering the correct procedures.

Vascular access is the procedure in which an apparatus is correctly connected to a blood vessel. Tim has helped pioneer the role of the advanced vascular access nurse specialist here in Australia with over 16 years of experience, placing over 3600 central venous access devices in this time.

Vascular access devices are used in a variety of different healthcare settings, including both public and private hospitals, day surgeries and aged care facilities.

It is important for healthcare professionals to understand the appropriate procedures required when administering central venous access devices as serious complications such as catheter – related blood stream infections (CRBSIs) can occur. Clinicians can prevent many infections occurring by ensuring that the access site is appropriately prepared before insertion. This means keeping a sterile working area and using appropriate equipment. Tim also recommends following the Aseptic Non Touch technique, a technique which promotes asepsis.

CRBSI’s on average can cost between $3000 to $29,000 per incident, not to mention the pain and suffering it has on patients. It is therefore extremely important for acute healthcare practitioners to be correctly informed and manage these challenges effectively.

Tim presents at conferences all around the world, he is also a trained a Flight Lieutenant with the RAAF Specialist Reserve as an intensive care nurse. He has recently joined our speaker panel for the conference: Preventing & Controlling Infection-complying with Standard 3,’  September 17th & 18th , Sydney.

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