How to embed clinical governance

Feb 14
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With the introduction of 5 brand new (EQuIPNational) National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, the hospital sector is set for another big year. I caught up with a few of our past speakers recently to find out what their clinical governance priorities are for 2014. This is what they had to say… katherine   Professor Katherine McGrath, Chair LCM Board – Clinical Governance Subcommittee 

  1. Ensure the health service has a robust system for capturing and recording adverse clinical events and that a consolidated report of incident trends are reported to the Board on annual basis.
  2. Benchmark adverse events / complication rates such as infections etc. with like organizations
  3. Regular audits of compliance by clinical unit with Health Service Clinical Policies is a good proactive means to prevent problems arising

brenden   Brendan Docherty, Sector Manager, Operations, Allied Health & Revenue St George and Sutherland Hospitals and Health Services

  1. keep in touch with clinical staff, they tell you all you need to know about how good quality is for patient care
  2. Ensure all new services have good clinical governance built in for the future (monitoring, audit, resource effectiveness, evidence based practice, staff training)
  3. Engage with patients through compliments, complaints, feedback, executive walk-arounds and consumer groups to ensure we are meeting their needs

chris Dr Chris May, Director of Emergency Medicine Redland Hospital

  1. Allocate specific portfolios to senior staff AND include registrars, nurses and allied health
  2. Set specific audits for each portfolio for improving quality and safety outcomes, relating to the National Standards
  3. Empower everyone to contribute AND find ways to present, publish and circulate results

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