Are you effectively managing mental Health, psychological risk and well-being?

Apr 14
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Research has found that there are inherent cultural barriers in the risk and safety industry that stifle the understanding of mental health. As a result many health and safety managers overlook the psychological and cultural components of risk that are contributing to serious accidents in the workplace.

Responding to mental health risks is difficult as it is up to safety managers to see beyond the risks they can see to those they can’t.

Employees are expecting management to embed a shared responsibility for the promotion of psychological wellbeing in the workplace through accountable and transparent leadership. Many safety managers are seeking guidance on how they can protect their workers from psychological harm, promote wellbeing and support those with mental illness.

Attend the Safety Psychology in Practice conference to hear from experts in safety who have tackled the issues head on in the workplace.

Hear a keynote speech from Dr Robert Long, thought leader and author of ‘Real Risk’. Dr Long will be addressing challenges in safety and the psychological approaches which can be adopted within your organisation to overcome risks.


Also attend Dr Long’s interactive workshop to learn tools to strengthen safety performance and safety culture.

As a leader are you are struggling to transparently manage unseen risks in the workplace? Come along to learn how you can better understand psychology, health and wellbeing to effectively develop initiatives to address  safety issues at the core.

Dr John Green, Director of Health, Safety , Environment and Quality at Laing O ‘Rourke and Daniel Hummerdal, Safety Innovation Leader, Thiess will be holding an interactive workshop to give you the tools to:

  • Create a transparent, trusting and open work environment to address safety issues at the root
  • Be an adaptive safety leader to embed accountability and ownership of safety
  • Optimise the implementation of the psychology of leadership and followership
  • Make well informed strategic safety system decisions to avoid negative impacts

What are you struggling with within your organisation? Feel free to comment or get in touch for a chat as we are always looking for new ways to address the challenges faced in minimising risk and improving safety performance.

Photo Credit: Dr. John Green, Laing o”ROurke

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