CPD – Are you doing enough quality hours?

Jan 14
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One of the major requirements of being a registered health practitioner in Australia is that you undertake your required CPD hours. CPD requirements vary across the different professions however many people usually need 40 CPD hours annually in order to stay registered. Ever sit there wondering how many CPD hours you’re meant to be clocking up each year? For more information on specific requirements matching your profession check out the AHPRA website. What are CPD? So some of you (hopefully not many) may be asking yourselves “what exactly are CPD hours?”. Well for those of you that aren’t aware – CPD hours, also known as ‘Continuing Professional Development’ hours, are points that are allocated to different development activities and are designed to keep health practitioners up-to-date and constantly learning in their chosen field. As all of us know, there’s nothing worse than being behind the times, so luckily with the CPD program professionals are forced to keep up to date in their roles. How are CPD hours earned? The way in which health practitioners can gain these CPD hours is very broad. A formal and more structured learning activity could include things such as a course or a conference. An informal and more self-driven learning activity can include reading certain books and case studies or even preceptorship. At the end of the day I want my doctor to be as knowledgeable as possible, so the more learning the better. CPD in the public When people think of CPD learning activities, many can’t help but think of the negative connotations associated to gaining them. These include things such as ‘long boring hours, time out of the office creating backlog & learning things they already know’ and let’s face it, how many of us actually enjoyed 8 hours of classes at school. A recent article that Michael Sultan wrote highlighted the fact that many of his staff were engaging in these compulsory CPD activities which he described as being “too much quantity, not enough quality”. Ideally as more and more specialist begin to voice their opinions, the CPD system will hopefully be innovated in a way that turns these learning activities into a positive opportunity to enhance health practitioners knowledge rather than a tedious and repetitive task. Here at Criterion we’ve tried re-shaping our CPD endorsed events in a way keeps them informative, interactive and overall highly beneficial. The Australian Pharmacy Council has CPD Endorserd ‘Strengthening Medication Safety’ for a total of up to 17 CPD hours. CPD to you What comes to mind to you when you think of CPD learning activities? Voice your opinions below.

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Criterion Content Team

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