Are Clinical Students Fit and Ready to Work?

Apr 15
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An article released in April 2015 for Aged Care Insights has unearthed concerns about standards of nursing students graduating from UNSW and ACU. It highlighted that in fact, this lack of work readiness is posing a potential risk to public safety. 

Two former senior nursing academics expressed serious concerns about the standards of nurses graduating from the University of Western Sydney and the Australian Catholic University in a report that aired on Monday night on the ABC program Four Corners.

Barbara Beale, former UWS lecturer and acting department head of the UWS School of Nursing, said she feared UWS’s student assessment processes were flawed and potentially posed a risk to patient safety.

Vulnerable Patients

She said many nurse graduates being “pushed through” the university system ended up in aged care, where they were responsible for the care of “the most vulnerable [and] ill people”.

Annie Butler, Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation was interviewed by Aged Care Insights and highlighted that the standards are very much in place to prevent entry of those not ready to undertake clinical study and placements but there are still concerns in these areas:

  • Implementation of standards on the ground in universities
  • Assessment and reporting processes
  • The impacts of a non-work ready workforce for wider professions
  • Propensity for students who do get through the system that are non-work ready to enter into aged care and the associated risks with working with the elderly
  • Influx of international students to obtain funding in the competitive market

Annie highlighted within her interview that there is a need for a more robust system of supervision and a more controlled approach to clinical registrants.

Read more and listen to the interview with Annie Butler from ANMAC >

Role of Accreditation and Registration Bodies

At our upcoming conference, Chief Executive Officer of ANMAC, Fiona Stoker is kindly joining Michael Carpenter of the Australian Dental Council and David Ellwood from the Australian Medical Council for an interactive panel discussion about the role of the Accreditation and Registration bodies in developing the health workforce of the future.

Need to know more? Fiona Stoker will also be holding a mid-conference workshop session looking at how to improve clinical placement quality through accreditation and how to ensure a work-ready post-placement workforce.

Innovative Models for Clinical Placements

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