Clinical Placements: Two pieces of expert advice for building a sustainable partnership

Feb 14
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In the build up to the Clinical Placements conference Michelle Cameron from Toowoomba Hospital has been kind enough to give us a small insight into her Building Sustainable Partnerships workshop. Michelle has 22 years experience as a nurse educator at Toowoomba Hospital and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to clinical placements.

What would be you 2 best bits of advice for building a sustainable partnership?

Get to know who your counterparts are at the industry and provider level. Not just their names, be in contact, meet them and maintain an ongoing dialogue. Sometimes it is easier to meet each other at morning tea in a coffee shop where you can be on neutral ground and not feel that you have to push your organisations agenda so hard. View student placements as a challenge you can’t manage without your counterpart in whatever organisation you work in. Some years ago Queensland Department of Health brought together industry and educational providers and guess what? We all had the same challenges and all wanted the same thing, safe and supportive clinical placements.  This was a wonderful opportunity to develop common rules around clinical placements. One day after trying valiantly for about 10 years to increase student capacity in our organisation I sat down at my desk and sighed and thought: “This is ridiculous, I’m tired of approaching ward managers in fear and trepidation about providing student supervision. My sphere of influence is too small to impact on the way students come to us and what happens before and after they leave. “At that point I think I may have put my head on the desk and considered a nana nap. Then I saw a new name as my counterpart at a near university and decided that I needed help from the “other side”. Enter Melissa. I invited her over and basically said, ” I need your help, there is only so much I can do”. She said something along the lines of “What can we do?” That was the start of a continuing four year journey of wheedling, cajoling, compromising, frustration, angst and downright mischievousness.” We know that clinical placements both for the healthcare provider and the education provider can be difficult, so we want to make them easier. What are you two best bits of advice for anyone out there that is struggling? To receive regular newsletters including great insights, tips and how to’s – sign up here to our blog newsletter photo credit: Aidan Jones via photopin cc

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