How can Healthcare Practitioners benefit from networking opportunities?

Dec 18
Author:Ash Natesh
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It is generally accepted that all health care professionals require evidence on which to base their practice. The question nevertheless remains: how can professionals, and nurses, in particular, gain access to all the evidence without the help of additional resources? One of the most valuable ways of gaining knowledge is not just by hearing from experts but also by having the opportunity to debate with your peers which can be achieved through attendance at a conference or information session.

Peter Hill, Project Nurse at North Staffordshire Hospital NHS Trust and Lorraine Jackson, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Thames Valley University, London explains how attending a conference can benefit healthcare practitioners in their practice.

Peter Hill comments to Nursing Times,

“Having recently been seconded from neonatal intensive care to work as a project nurse for the department of tissue viability, the opportunity to attend a three-day wound care conference gave me the chance to address some of the issues with which I was faced in this new field.

As a first-time delegate at a major conference, I found the content thought-provoking, informative, even challenging. There was also ample opportunity for networking with other professionals with an interest in tissue viability.”

For Peter, the conference experience delivered a fresh insight into wound care and the complexities of tissue viability. It contributed professionally to his development by expanding his knowledge base in the area. He also comments that on a personal development scope, experiences and networking at the conference has increased his confidence when dealing with specialists and company representatives.

“It also highlighted the many gaps that exist between theory and practice and reinforced in my mind the fact that a career in nursing is a lifelong learning process for which all nurses are responsible to ensure that care is of the highest standard.” – Peter Hill, BA, RN, DipN, DipCC (Nursing Times)

Collaboration and learning new standards as they are implemented are all part of the job for a healthcare practitioner. Instead of hospitals having to go through the trouble of organising training sessions, a conference or information session would help upskill healthcare professionals and give the professional an opportunity to network with peers from different work environments to learn new skills.

Here are some takeaways from the 4th Annual Infection Prevention Conference:

“I found this conference really relevant to now as far as AS4187 goes. It was also for me very timely having just been through accreditation and responsible for ensuring AS 4187 is implemented. The speakers were impressive and on top of the issues relevant to all of us.”

– Megan King, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Nursing, Riverina Day Surgery.

“Hearing some new information from key individuals in patient safety review. Realising I was up to date with a lot of information”

– Sylvia Morris, Sterilisation Course Coordinator, Royal Adelaide Hospital – Central Adelaide LHN.

The 5th Annual Infection Prevention and Control Conference held on 9th April 2019 in Melbourne is a case study driven agenda featuring key speakers, David Plunkett CEO of Eastern Health; Elizabeth Orr Infection Control Consultant at Royal Melbourne Hospital; Paul Griffin Director of Infectious Diseases at Mater Health Services and more.

The highlights of the conference will be unpacking the NSQHS 3 Standards and Leisa Bridges sharing her wealth of knowledge on Managing the MERs outbreak in Saudi Arabia & building a database to support staff health needs.

Submitted by Ash Natesh

Ash Natesh

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