The biggest problem facing Australian hospitals

Jul 14
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In the build up to the Strengthening Clinical Handover conference Chris May, Katrina Lewis & Maree Johnson have all been kind enough to give us a small insight into some of the key questions that hospitals are asking when it comes to becoming successfully accredited for the National Standards. With over 40 years worth of experience between the three of them, they all store a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hospitals and health care. 

When it comes to hospitals it’s usually the patients addressing problems either from processes and ways they’ve been treated following onto increased risks and decreased patient safety. Common problems for patients usually include “Medication Errors, Hospital-Acquired Infections & Pneumonia”. So what do the experts think? Well we put the hard questions to them…

What would you consider the biggest problem/problems facing hospitals at the moment?

Chris – “There are several issues:

  • The involvement of multiple clinicians in a patient’s care.
  • The lack of standardisation in care delivery
  • The lack of accurate data to support change and improvement

BUT it is the ever increasing workload which is not matched by resources that is the one key issue.  People must become more responsible for the health and not rely on the present system for all of their needs.”

Maree – “For those that don’t have an EMR-documentation is a big problem and tends to take staff away from the bedside. The lack of a multidisciplinary approach is also a problem-different care providers working independently and providing conflicting information. This becomes more of a problem with the more complex and therefore more at risk patient.”

Katrina –Rapid change. So ensuring that effort goes into sustainability measures.”

For some hospitals and health care providers, changes will be bigger than others when it comes to aligning operations correctly with the National Standards that have been rolled out. We want to help make the whole process easier. What is your best bit of advice for anyone out there that is struggling with getting accredited for all the standards?

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