What will be the Future of the Indigenous Procurement Policy under the Turnbull Government?

Sep 15
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A couple of weeks into Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership and demands are high on the new Prime Minister to respond to queries about what reforms and policies will be changed or eliminated under his leadership.

It is yet to be seen how Turnbull’s leadership will impact a number of these areas, including Indigenous affairs, with the portfolio remaining unchanged following the initial cabinet overhaul.  Following Tony Abbott’s focus on engaging with Indigenous issues and strengthening support and reform in this area, Turnbull is under significant pressure to indicate whether he will extend upon Tony Abbott’s efforts in this regard.

Warren Mundine, chairman of the Indigenous Advisory Council has stated an eagerness to continue working with the government under the new leadership, stating “Malcolm Turnbull is very much about the economy, about improving peoples’ socio-economic standing and so on. They’re the things we want to see in the Indigenous space.”

Among the top priorities for the Advisory Council is to see the continuance of the Indigenous Procurement Policy implemented at the beginning of July this year. “There’s no doubt the Indigenous procurement policy will continue because that is going to be a major change,” said Mundine. “We’re looking at, by 2020, the potential of $1.2 billion going into Aboriginal communities annually. That is going to make a massive difference to our communities.”

The Indigenous procurement policy sees a compulsory percentage of federal contracting to be awarded to Indigenous businesses, with raising percentages escalating to 3% by 2020. Criterion’s upcoming Implementing Indigenous Procurement Policy Conference offers procurement leaders the opportunity to come together to discuss how the policy will impact their procurement strategy. Book your place by October 2nd to save $200.

Indigenous Procurement Policy

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