Health Workforce Australia abolition – what’s next for clinical placements?

Oct 14
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With the abolition of the Health Workforce Australia coming at a time when crucial work is being undertaken to improve the planning and coordination of clinical placements amid concerns of inadequate capacity, are you wondering how federal and state government plan is planning to transition existing support programs and grant allocation structures to the Department of Health?

According to a Victorian Clinical Training Network review exact funding allocations can only be determined following the submission of 2013-14 clinical placement activity data.  

Both federal and state government will be working toward better aligning the funding of medical student clinical placements with activity.

So what does this mean for public health services providers?

The meeting highlighted that public health services will be required to report against six of the externally-reportable indicators in February 2015 as a requirement to receive the department’s Training and Development Grant for professional-entry student clinical placements.  

How can both health and education providers work together to effectively demonstrate the benefits of clinical placements?

The next Clinical Placements conference in November 2014 will be covering the important challenges of understanding and assessing clinical placement benefits.

Come join your peers, state department of health leaders and federal department of education to discover what this shifting landscape will mean for you and how you can define and demonstrate the value of placements.  


Submitted by Laura Dunlop

Laura Dunlop

Laura is a producer at Criterion. She has a passion for research and loves collecting interesting perspectives and turning it into actionable insights for conference attendees. She loves discovering new bands. Fun fact about Laura -Laura is a firm believer that “you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce”.

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