Re-branding a 208 year old start-up

Aug 17
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When I was given the opportunity to join Australia Post two years ago I had some reservations. While I was grateful for the referral, from the outside looking in, the company seemed like an old school government agency. Wow, was I wrong!

From the first interview, I quickly realised that Australia Post expertly balances honouring its rich history while focusing on disrupting the market of tomorrow. With both governmental and commercial commitments and aspirations, it truly is an exciting place to be – but the job market may not know this.

Managing the Employer Brand Reputation

Since I joined the Recruitment team this year, we recognised this challenge and focused on telling the story of “what it’s really like to work here” as well as refining our Employer Branding. The Employer Brand is more than just a buzz term  – it allows even the most established companies to shift how they’re perceived in the talent market. For Australia Post, where each of our job candidates are also our customers, our goal is to create an amazing experience that will lift us to become the Destination Employer. In order to change this perception, we believe that our strongest asset is our people – and they each have a unique story to tell.

After a year of hosting focus groups and analysing human-centred-design research, we uncovered 9 different employer value propositions (EVP) for our key job families. This allowed us to learn about what our employees value in their career and how we could formulate a go-to-market strategy to bring like-minded-talent into the business through print and digital channels.

Enabling our Employee Ambassadors

To build our employee’s credibility with their networks, we created “Improving My Brand Appeal” workshops. We worked with 180 members of our Digital team to receive:

  1. a professional profile photo
  2. a 1:1 review of their LinkedIn profile
  3. a first-look into new tech we’re trialling in Recruitment
  4. an avenue to receive assistance and feedback on blogs they’re writing, and
  5. an introduction to their unique EVP:

In return, employees told us that they felt better placed to tell their networks about their work experiences.

Digital Done Properly

The digital EVP, as told by current employees is:

Commitment – Digital is at the heart of our transformation as we build upon the story of an iconic Australian brand. We’re committed to getting it right and believe that what matters to our customers is having the choice, convenience and control of how they engage with Australia Post.

Challenge – We’re most comfortable on the edge of our comfort zone and love to  challenge and support each other; pushing the boundaries but respecting  them at the same time takes a unique person – one that’s creative, collaborative and innovative.

Culture – We feel like a digital agency some days – the calibre of the people you work with, the range of projects you’re on and our commitment to innovation all stack up.

By enabling the Digital team to share stories about their projects, ways of working and external presentations – they offer an insider’s sneak peek into their day-to-day. Their articles can be found across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, niche tech blogs and, all of which have been shared with thousands of people within their professional networks.

Last month, we shared a story on LinkedIn about a team member who purchased an Amazon Alexa and trained it in his own time to meet the bill payment needs of our vision-impaired community members. Employee-told stories like this one have really shifted the way other Digital talent view us as an employer.

Our Women in Transport

One challenge we faced was how do we tell the stories of our people who are out in the field. We knew that in order to reach them, we would have to hit the road! Our first destination was to meet with our Victorian female truck, van and freight drivers. They varied in age, nationality and tenure – but one thing remained true for each of them: they love their jobs!

By asking simple questions about their experience when they joined and how they’ve felt supported throughout the years to grow, we created 5 videos which can be found here. They articulated the Driver EVP by sharing stories of how proud they are to drive in a safe and secure fleet, have opportunities to grow and earn, and how they enjoy the community of drivers. The EVP research that we did to surface key messages (highlighted above) was fully validated – our women drivers repeated the messages without any prompting.

After only two weeks into the campaign we had more than 600,000 impressions on Facebook alone and had driven over 500 career applications to our Transport division. This campaign has shifted the perception in the market that the transport industry is made up of only men and encourages women to join our team.

Building your employer branding doesn’t need to be an intimidating project. By educating your employees on how to create content based on their experiences, you can have trustworthy information circulating in the market resulting in an improved brand reputation. Give it a go!

Submitted by Quila Israelson

Quila Israelson

A New York City – native, Quila relocated to Melbourne three years ago and has since furthered her career at Australia Post focusing on Employer Branding. Passionate about what gets people out of bed every morning, she’s developing brand ambassadors from around the organisation to share their authentic stories of what inspires them to work at Australia Post. With a background in community management and digital marketing, Quila is an expert in finding niche audiences across social platforms.

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