Toolkit for town centre renewal

Jan 18
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Fostering an economically vibrant town centre is a complex challenge. Those involved in revitalising and renewing need to deliver initiatives that will help centres grow into economically and socially vibrant places.

The Committee for Sydney is developing a toolkit to help guide the renewal of suburban town centres across Sydney.

As stated by the Committee – “Sydney’s population growth will demand more intensive use of our town centres. The challenge is to bring the very best ideas to the fore so we can renew our town centres to make them more economically dynamic and environmental appealing, a major boost to urban amenity”.

The Committee has outlined the practical toolkit  “will set out ways in which growth and infrastructure can make town centres more pedestrian-friendly and centred on public transport accessibility”.

As laid out by the Committee, the principles include:

  • A framework for walkable urbanism
  • Well-designed high density development
  • Fostering start-up and small businesses employment growth
  • Main roads retrofitted as attractive avenues or boulevards
  • A fine-grained, interesting mixture of uses – that offer vibrant and diverse town centre experiences
  • An appropriate range of social infrastructure to support the diverse needs of a growing population
  • A high quality public realm that is accessible to all and programmed for activation
  • A variety of residential building types and tenures
  • Rationalisation of parking and servicing provision
  • Digital technology as an enabler for positive user experiences

Town centre renewal is a major driver of economic revival across all our central, suburban and village centres. Having the right approach and strategy is key to maximising economic growth opportunities. The Revitalising & Enhancing Town Centres national forum will deliver the new ideas that are needed to build town centres into dynamic and vibrant places. Attend and create your own toolkit from the experience and expertise of your peers who are actively working on renewal projects.

Submitted by Josephine O’Brien

Josephine O'Brien

Josephine is a conference producer with Criterion.

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