Thinking outside the box for leadership opportunities

Oct 16
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“As a leader, you want everything you do to be impactful, lasting and leave a positive impression… Nobody leads alone, and leadership manifests in everything you do.”

Claudia Huertas, Group Director, Operations and Programs at the Department of Industry shared her Triple 8 Leadership Plan at last week’s Women in Leadership NSW conference. Comprising 8 key lessons, it is designed to enable you to lead any team, in any sector or department, in any situation.

1. Articulate your purpose: most stakeholders will know the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of a project, but you must find a common ‘why’ that all parties can believe in. People follow purpose. Honesty is essential for this to work. Hold yourself to the highest possible standards and others will follow.

2. Take the opportunities presented to you: accept the jobs that no one wants, think of them as your opportunity to stand out. It is these opportunities that will become your career stepping stones.

3. Embrace & be a catalyst for change: change is happening at an ever-increasing pace. The VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) space is the new normal. By embracing it, you’re already one step ahead. When faced with change in your organisation, make sure to communicate regularly with your team. They might not like the information itself, but they will appreciate being informed.

4. Have personal AND business goals: successfully achieving short term goals will build confidence and credibility. No one will follow a leader who doesn’t know where they are going. It’s your job to create confidence and morale in your team, but that begins with believing in yourself.

5. Ask lots of questions: this is the best way to identify new risks and opportunities. Never stop learning and be committed – if you expect your team to work hard and perform, you need to lead by example.

6. Remember your Right to be at the table: know why you were hired and understand your worth to the organisation. Have a positive attitude and project the value you bring – others will notice it. Just make sure not to sacrifice empathy for productivity, don’t forget that everyone on your team is a person.

7. Select the best teams, support & inspire them: a leader is only as good as their team and an effective leader brings out the best in the people they work with. Trust your intuition. If you think someone is struggling or hasn’t understood you, offer your help.

8. If you don’t ask, you don’t get: this isn’t just about money! Ask for opportunities, don’t just wait for them. You are the master of your career. This also means inspiring those on your team to progress and recognising their successes.


Submitted by Jessica Farrelly

Jessica Farrelly

Jessica is part of the marketing team at Criterion, specialising in content and social media. Originally from Ireland, she’s an avid traveller and moved to Sydney after a year spent living out of a backpack in Asia.

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