Strengthening community networks to improve indigenous service delivery

Apr 14
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Like some people, I know little about aboriginal history and the complexity of issues that the Indigenous Australians face in community life. Lately, there have been many discussions about policies and plans surrounding the topic on indigenous affairs.

I was curious to find out more and did some research on this topic, it is clear that there are disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians across all indicators of quality of life.

The good news is Prime Minister Tony Abbott has committed to consolidate indigenous policy development and service delivery into the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. The aim is to provide indigenous Australians a better future, more job opportunities, empowered individuals and communities, and higher standards of living.

 “To do this, we must ensure that children go to school, adults go to work and that the ordinary law of the land operates in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.” Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The Coalition has outlined a plan and will invest about $94 million to improve indigenous service delivery for a better future for indigenous Australian. The key areas to focus on are mainly:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Recognition

Are you keen to find out how the Coalition plans to improve indigenous service delivery?

The upcoming Linking Indigenous Policy Development with Service Delivery conference (link to website will address the challenges and new approaches to ‘closing the gap’ and provide case studies on responding to community needs, learnings and progressive strategies for success.

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