Rates, Roads, Rubbish and Recovery – What Can Councils Afford?

Oct 15
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Local Government Councils are constantly faced with competing priorities.  If you think that your rate payers don’t pay attention to financial statements and integrated planning, you only need to show up at the Council Meetings to hear what they have to say.

ICT can take up a large chunk of operating cost for any council.  The larger the council, the more evenly spread the ICT dollars are.  The scale of investment in resources contracts and becomes more expensive per seat when the organisation is smaller.

When we are talking about the Cloud, it can have immediate savings on smaller councils.  Cloud backup and computing is economic and immediately scalable.  It is a great alternative to managing and maintaining hardware, networking and software.

However, the cost of bandwidth and the lack of reliable high-speed internet or replication makes this financially impossible.  How can we overcome this situation?  What can we do, even between ourselves?  The provision of data sovereignty issues, even between states is archaic and outdated to say the least.

What is the solution, and what is the tolerance of ratepayers for expensive backup solutions versus potholes?

The Local Government IT Summit, taking place in June, will examine strategies for service improvement and greater efficiency. Bringing together senior IT and business leaders, this national event will offer the perfect opportunity for councils to come together, network, and discuss strategies to transform the future of Local Government.  

Local Government IT Summit


Submitted by Shawn Raines

Shawn Raines

Shawn Raines is Manager Information Technology & Business Analysis Unit Queanbeyan City Council.

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