‘Per Aspera ad Astra’ – Customer Service in the Public Sector

Jun 15
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Per aspera ad astra: through hardships to the stars.

Shweta Babbar

Who doesn’t want to make the journey towards excellent customer service? Should we be striving to reach the stars? Yes! We all in the public sector are transitioning towards a new destination which is more and more Customer Experience focussed…there is confusion, complexity and curiosity to make the journey and enjoy the outcome (when it happens and as it happens).

The ‘landscape’ for Customer Service has changed dramatically in the last 20 years and the increased connectivity of the community with service providers through social media and digital platforms has resulted in ‘disruption of existing channels’ and ‘eruption of new channels’. It is eminent to understand and segment customer touch-points to optimise the treatment strategy.

My session at the upcoming Measuring & Managing Public Sector Customer Service Conference will focus on understanding the difference between customer relationship vs engagement vs experience, and using tools and processes to optimize the customer’s journey and not just multiple touch-points.

The session will talk through the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve & Control) approach to segment the customer contacts, and possible metrics to track the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment provided. There will be open discussion on the existing measurement strategies and the need to evolve.

Is there a need to step back and evaluate which are the most needed and effective communication channels? Do we need to add digital channels just because everyone else is transitioning towards digital platforms? Do we have a ‘need’ to first segment our customers, evaluate their needs and map-out their existing experience and challenges? These questions will be addressed in an engaging discussion with the audience to enable mutual sharing of experience and learning from best practices.

The next Enhancing Public Sector Customer Service conference takes place in Melbourne in February 2017. Attend to develop strategies for measuring and meeting changing customer expectations. 

PS Customer Service 2017

Submitted by Shweta Babbar

Shweta Babbar

Shweta Babbar is Coordinator of Customer Service & Digital at City of Yarra.

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