A new era for evidence-based policy making

Mar 14
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Evidence-based policy making…it was all anyone could talk about when Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister (the first time) but after a while, as happened with Rudd himself, the excitement faded. Of course, unlike Rudd, evidence-based policy making is still with us.   And there’s a very good reasons for that: it makes sense! Despite this, using evidence to inform policy is no easy task.  It’s time consuming, it can be difficult to find the required data, there’s competing evidence and, well, the list goes on! We’re at a stage now where, while evidence is being used to inform policy, people are staying in their comfort zones.  Research and evaluation are in ‘safe zones’ and narrowness of focus appears to be the norm. But all that might be about to change… The new Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2014, which establishes a system of governance and accountability across Commonwealth entities, makes clearer than ever that departmental secretaries are required to conduct research and evaluation relevant to policy. As comfy paradigms shatter maybe commonwealth administration will improve out of sight in a brave new world of high quality strategic policy research and evaluation. What are your thoughts?  photo credit: Tall Chris via photopin cc

Submitted by Lindsey Eifler

Lindsey Eifler

Lindsey is a Senior Producer who specialises in conferences for the public and not-for-profit sectors. On Wednesdays and Fridays she has, arguably, the best office in the world; her home on the beautiful Central Coast.

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