My Health Record: Innovation in delivering customer service

Mar 19
Author:Ash Natesh
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All levels of Government in Australia are looking to improve outcomes for their customers by improving service design and delivery and increase user centricity.

A critical component to increasing customer centricity for improved outcomes is to integrate services. Integration helps deliver more streamlined and efficient services, improving overall customer satisfaction and restoring public trust in Government institutions. This means that all stakeholders for public services will need to collaborate and communicate wherever possible to coordinate services and information for better integration.

The team at Criterion Conferences spoke to Garth McDonald (General Manager Technology, Delivery & Projects) from Australian Digital Health Agency who gave us an insight on the implementation process of the My Health Record.

“The My Health Record has been operating for the past 6 years. It is about scaling and making it ready for the 23 million people.” – Garth McDonald said.

The My Health Record makes it more transparent and easier for patients to access all their health records in one place.

The most complex part of the implementation process was not the technical side of the project, it was more the operational aspects across the Commonwealth State and Territory Government to connect the puzzle pieces together.” Garth says

It was a key focus for the My Health Record project team to focus on lining up integration and streamlined processes across the teams and really manage all the stakeholders involved.

Garth McDonald suggests that starting with a solid governance strategy is key to implementing new processes. He says, “Once you have that in place then things that become surprises, things that become issues you are able to manage quickly without creating problems or disrupting the whole process.”

The My Health Record offers many benefits to their consumers/patients including 24/7 access, keeping track of their medical history, greater understanding and involvement from doctors and the ability to share information and data with ease.

The My Health Record road to success so far

The My Health Record success followed with a total of 90.1% participation rate across Australia. The record is set to foster better health professional collaboration between care settings and provide key clinical data to important points of care across a patient’s journey through the health care system.

Here are the participation rates from each state according to key stats from the Australian Digital Health Agency:

Credits: Original Stats from Australian Digital Health Agency

The image above depicts the participation rate in the My Health Records with an average of a 90.1% Australia wide. There is a balanced high participation rate across the board in all states.

Don’t miss Garth McDonald who will be sharing his insights on “Collaborating with stakeholders to overcome the challenges in delivering My Health Record” at the Customer Centric Service Delivery in Government Conference on the 26th & 27th June 2019 in Canberra.




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