Meet the Speakers: The Hayley Grey Edition

Apr 18
Author:Drew McCoy
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Session Outline: University ITS Strategy & Challenges conference

One of the greatest challenges for any digital transformation journey (or any journey at all for that matter) is getting the buy in to bring the people along for the ride. At a glance, Universities are almost nightmarishly complicated in terms of the number of moving parts, the complexity of different stakeholder needs and the need to transition from a technical to customer-centric mindset.

Deakin University is quickly gathering a reputation for excellence in the digital and student experience space. Much of that has to do with the culture of positivity and service ownership of the IT staff across the board.

The focus of Hayley’s session: aside from sharing a number of the lessons that past-Hayley wishes she could go back and tell herself prior to the contact centre project, will be delving into the nuts and bolts of how to promote a culture of collaboration. Really understanding when the customer; be they student, staff or management wants from the project and enthusing the relevant parties with the ownership of the service – not just the technical solution.

More specifically Hayley will discuss:

  • Using examples of projects as leverage
  • How to structure meetings with relevant stakeholders
  • Leveraging success to achieve buy into the strategic vision
  • Promoting positivity through service ownership

A bit about Hayley:

Five years ago, Hayley embarked on a career change from an academic in humanities to join the IT tertiary sector. She is passionate about digital transformation and focuses on innovation, automation and integration.  Hayley is currently leading a digital transformation journey towards an omnichannel cloud-based contact centre.

Submitted by Drew McCoy

Drew McCoy

Drew is a Conference Producer at Criterion.

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