Meet icare’s ‘Chief Risky Dude’ – A spotlight on 2017’s RMIA Risk Manager of the Year

Aug 18
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When Gavin Pearce started at icare NSW, the organisation was all but 3 months old. icare at this stage did not even have a risk management framework or strategy in place. It was Gavin’s job to design, implement and maintain an effective, fit for purpose risk management strategy and framework from scratch.

When asked whether he walked into an ideal situation to be given this level of freedom or a burdensome responsibility, Gavin will tell you that his was not an easy task, but one he has certainly enjoyed. ‘It’s not often you get to be part of a $32 billion startup, which is what it felt like walking in to icare’

Building a risk management strategy and framework for a major public sector organisation would be a daunting task for even the most experienced risk managers. However, 3 years on, Gavin has managed to build one of the most risk mature organisations in the entire country, with a fit for purpose framework that emphasises customer focus.

“I’ve always maintained a focus on “clarity of purpose” rather than “clarity of process”, and that goes for all three lines of defence. You need to work out your “why” before you can decide what and how you’re going to do it”

For such a high profile risk manager in such a serious role and responsibility, Gavin is as laid back as it gets. Referring to himself as the “Chief Risky Dude” on his LinkedIn profile, Gavin spends his spare time with his family, and the occasional mountain bike ride.

Don’t miss a keynote presentation from this incredibly likable character at the Strategic Risk Management in Government conference on the 14th and 15th of November in Sydney. Gavin’s session will be sure to set the tone for a great event talking all things risk management in the public sector.



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