Managing inconsistency across local government regulation

May 18
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Inconsistency surrounding the implementation and enforcement of regulation is a challenge that permeates across local government jurisdictions as well as between state and local governments. Common issues include a lack of guidance and resources from state government when implementing new regulations, as well as a lack of standardised enforcement approaches across local jurisdictions.

The result of this inconsistency? Confusion to communities and opportunities for savvy businesses and individuals to take advantage.

It is a challenge that causes many headaches internally as well as to the wider community. Many are searching for ways to improve consistency and create some standardisation in the way regulations are implemented and enforced.

So what can be done to overcome this challenge?

As a starting point, we can learn from positive initiatives across industry and replicate and develop similar approaches.

The Local Government Regulation & Compliance forum will present examples where state governments are working collaboratively with local councils to ensure laws are implemented effectively.

Mark Gifford, CEO of the NSW Environmental Protection Authority, will discuss the EPA’s multi-faceted relationship with local government that includes supporting environment related program delivery through grants and financial support, regulating council operated facilities like wastewater treatment plants and waste operations, and importantly, their role as a co-regulator working together with councils to protect the environment and provide regulatory practice support.

We’ll also hear from from a range of local government practitioners who all share a passion for increasing consistency, internally in their organisations and across jurisdictions.

This inaugural conference for local government is bringing together a diverse mix of professionals in the local government regulation field. Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to network across organisations and across regulatory sectors to participate in a valuable and practical learning experience.

Submitted by Josephine O’Brien

Josephine O'Brien

Josephine is a conference producer with Criterion.

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