Lessons Learned from Embarking on an As-a-Service Transformation

May 15
Author:Mike Brett
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We hear a lot about “As a Service” capability but what does it mean at the coalface?  How do you sort out the rhetoric from the reality and then, how do you transform your organisation to be able to provide an “As a Service” capability?

Mike Brett

In 2011, The Department of Human Services embarked on a significant programme of work with the coming together of four well-known brands, Centrelink, Medicare, Child Support and the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service creating a department that is approximately 25% of the Australian Public Service. During this period of change the department also took on the support for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ ICT infrastructure. Each of these programmes came with their unique heritage and cultures. The challenge was to provide economies of scale and efficiencies expected, improving the reliability and availability of the ICT infrastructure whilst the department was undergoing significant change.

We have defined our framework and have commenced activities to position ourselves as an “As a Service” provider, but there is much heavy lifting to be done. As a consequence we have had to adapt our strategies and approach from multiple angles.

Some of the questions we have had to ask ourselves have been:

  • What services do we provide?
  • How do we provide governance of our services?
  • What opportunities does this present…and what are the challenges?

Some of the lessons we have learnt are:

  • People are passionate about their purpose but that does not necessarily translate to organisational outcomes;
  • “As a Service” means different things to different people;
  • It’s never as easy as the vendors will have you believe.

We are still on the journey and have more to do but I believe we are well on our way and look forward to providing more details and an up to date report on our progress at the conference.

Is the public sector ready for the As-a-Service journey? As more and more agencies begin to ready the business case, questions marks continue to surface around what needs to be considered when moving to the cloud. The Public Sector As-a-Service Forum will bring together it and business leaders to collaborate, network and create a clear road map for As-a-Service adoption. Book your place by May 6th to save $500. 

As a Service 2016

Submitted by Mike Brett

Mike Brett

Mike Brett is General Manager – ICT Infrastructure at the Department of Human Services.

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