How to improve the quality of apartment living

Feb 16
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High-rise apartment towers are being built in central Melbourne at four times the maximum densities allowed in Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo – some of the highest density cities in the world.

According to research conducted by Leanne Hodyl, 2014 Churchill Fellow, increasing the supply of housing in the central city close to jobs and transport brings numerous benefits to the city and should be supported. The high-rise apartment tower plays an important role in delivering this supply.

In her Churchill report to investigate planning policies that deliver positive social outcomes in hyper-dense, high-rise residential environments, she states that too much attention is given to the height of residential towers. What is far more important in delivering good outcomes for residents and the broader city is:

  • The overall numbers of people living in a development
  • Whether the apartments enable a good quality of life or not
  • Whether residents have access to the open space and community services that they need

The Victorian community has voiced its thoughts on how to improve the internal design and amenity of new apartments in a new Victorian Government report.

The Better Apartments Public Engagement Report tables feedback to a discussion paper released in mid-2015, which invited comments from the community, local government and industry about internal apartment amenity and potential future design guidelines and mechanisms.

Participants revealed the issues they believed affected apartment amenity the most:

  • Daylight
  • Space
  • Natural ventilation
  • Noise
  • Energy resources
  • Outdoor space

The survey summarised the findings:

Apartment Survey

Policy and design guidelines around high-rise apartment living are set to change.

The Higher Density Living conference, taking place in Melbourne this May, will explore strategies for making medium and high densities affordable, desirable and sustainable. Book soon to secure your place!

Higher Density 17

Submitted by Josephine O’Brien

Josephine O'Brien

Josephine is a conference producer with Criterion.

One thought on “How to improve the quality of apartment living

  1. An information article giving a glance of density in high rise. However, being a former resident in high rise buildings, I feel safety, incase of fire, the evacuation plan, the staircase width, other facilities etc are not designed for immediate evacuation. This is an aspect that doesn’t get covered often.

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