Will a move to ICT as-a-service save you money?

Nov 14
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 Will a move to an as-a-service ICT model save you money? Well of course it depends on who you ask. What you can bet on however, is that many CIO’s across government and enterprise certainly have their fingers crossed it does.

Take the recent move from Qantas to shift its core Oracle-based ERP platform out of IBM’s Sydney data centre and into a new software-as-a-service model hosted by Macquaries Telecom. The move is anticipated to save Qantas up to $2 billion out of its costs in three years

Qantas isn’t alone. The Federal government in its recent Commission of Audit is talking about saving similarly enormous sums of money as it seeks to implement as-a-service solutions and modelling.

But where is the proof of this saving? Many believe that as-a-service simply moves capital expenditure into the operational column?

As-a-service and the Cloud are certainly the flavour of the moment, but more needs to be done to understand its full benefits, or if these expected returns are just that, expected returns.

I would really like to hear your opinions and first hand examples of how you were able to achieve genuine savings.

If you are in government however or even interested in how state and federal departments are making their move to as-a-service, then next February Criterion has assembled the most progressive ICT leaders from across the public sector in Australia to discuss this move. Download the conference brochure

If you want to see how the early adopters have commenced their transitions and potentially save significant dollars and headache in the process, then this is certainly the event for you. Check out this website for more details

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