Hospitals share their progress on the NSQHS Standards (infographic)

May 14
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If you pay regular visits to our blog, you know that here are Criterion we’re big on surveys – what better way to get feedback? So earlier this year we surveyed both public and private hospitals to find out how they feel about the NSQHS standards and their progress made to date.

Here’s our 4 biggest take-ways  on what looks like a challenging time for hospitals.

  1. The three things they lose sleep about are Clinical Engagement,  multidisciplinary collaboration and improving patient flow
  2. Of the 10 standards, the one most struggled with was Standard 2 – Partnering with Consumers closely followed by Standard 4 – Medication Safety
  3. The biggest challenge for hospitals over the next year is in Managing Safety and Quality and Strengthening the workforce
  4. Participants felt that the EQuIPNational Standard post the greatest challenge to Service Delivery and workforce planning.

Something we found a little scary…. During our most recent research we discovered that 68% of facilities accredited by ACHS since the standards were introduced have received recommendations for their performance against Standard 3 – Preventing and controlling infections.

How do these results compare to your hospital?

 Hospitals 800


NSQHS image

Submitted by John Burgher, Marketing Director, Criterion Conferences

John Burgher, Marketing Director, Criterion Conferences

John is a Marketing Director with over 12 years of B2B experience in the UK, Asia and Australia. He’s an ideas guy, foodie and a gadget geek who is always looking for the next ‘big thing’. If John had a super power he would love to plug into the matrix, and become superhuman. You connect with John on Linkedin

2 thoughts on “Hospitals share their progress on the NSQHS Standards (infographic)

  1. The data is interesting but of concern is the notation “failed” when discussing standard 3. This implies that receiving a recommendation causes an entity to fail accreditation or a standard. Recommendations are opportunities to review, improve and change, not a measure of pass or fail.

  2. Hi Fiona, I absolutely agree with you. I think the message we attempted to get across was that people/consumers would consider 68% a high percentage of recommendations and that it suggests there is a long way to go across all hospitals in regard to that standard. Thanks for your feedback and tacking the time to comment.

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