Are Government CIOs Equipped for the Next Phase of As-a-Service & Cloud Adoption?

Apr 15
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Cloud is no longer a dirty word in government. Neither is as-a-service for that matter.

Operating as a Service

Actually, in any IT publication you come across at the moment you will find story after story of new applications and infrastructure being hosted and provided by external vendors for government departments and agencies. Cloud services have arrived, the next step is to know what to do with them.

Cloud and as-a-service models are growing in popularity because of one simple fact: they make sense.

Out of the box, fit for purpose, agile, keeping up with the demands of business and the customer, these have become the vernacular for CIOs as they come to terms with their new roles as the procurer of services and the enablers of change.

There is a new phase developing though, low hanging fruit has been picked, pickled and the early taste of success has wet the mouths of senior leadership and has in the most part only proven to increase expectation and demands on IT. There’s no looking back now.

The Next Phase

So what are CIOs thinking about now? According to Seth Robinson, senior director of technology analysis for IT trade association CompTIA, who was recently quoted in the ZDNet article titled Cloud computing’s second movement, CIOs have learned some lessons from early migrations and are now evaluating which model or hybrid will deliver the best results.

“[After] hands-on experience gained through initial forays into the cloud, businesses are able to compare the theoretical to the practical, and make decisions on how best to optimise their IT infrastructure,” Robinson said.

The debate between public and private cloud is also high on the agenda.

Is the public sector ready for the As-a-Service journey? As more and more agencies begin to ready the business case, questions marks continue to surface around what needs to be considered when moving to the cloud. The Public Sector As-a-Service Forum will bring together it and business leaders to collaborate, network and create a clear road map for As-a-Service adoption. Book your place by May 6th to save $500. 

As a Service 2016

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