Funding Transport Infrastructure: The key to more time in the morning?

Dec 13
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As you know our producers are known for our coordination and keeping up with current fashion trends. We also keep on top of ‘political trends.’ We work tirelessly to ensure that each conference is spot on and inspires, motivates and enriches the knowledge base of our delegates.

It’s hard to go a day without reading or hearing about the need for major infrastructure projects to ease congestion, stimulate the economy and propel Australia to be a world class infrastructure leader. The need for customer centric transport solutions combined with difficult economic conditions and a track record of failing infrastructure projects has intensified the need for accurate forecasting and strong funding models.

Governments collectively are calling on the private sector to help them deliver major infrastructure projects like Westconnex and East West Link which are arguably beyond the capacity and capability of the individual sectors.

Alternative funding models and public private partnerships where risk is managed and owned by the Government is essential for future major project development and sustainable infrastructure projects.

The upcoming Alternative Models for Transport Infrastructure Conference will examine key infrastructure projects which use alternative funding models. The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development plus State Government departments will provide key insights into major projects from inception to delivery.

It is my hope that projects like Westconnex and East West Link will ease congestion, public transport links will be improved and Criterion staff will have more time to get ready and be on trend!

Submitted by Criterion Content Team

Criterion Content Team

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