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Aug 18
Author:Ash Natesh
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Almost three years ago, the Australian government approved of Content Marketing with a focus in mind to make information more accessible and relevant; and make the government sector more participatory and transparent.

Below are two examples of great PR and marketing campaigns that are well thought out socially and formulated for success:

The Human Brochure

Visit Canberra and Partners joined forces to create a content marketing revolution with campaigns that help their stakeholders answer queries and give their citizens a voice.

The Human Brochure project was one of the most ambitious projects undertaken. Australian Capital Tourism backed the campaign, it helped them build a community of advocates.

The Human Brochures content was published to their own networks and you can see all the posts on a content wall at The content connected human emotions with stories and pictures. This created great coverage of Canberra outside of just political news websites.

The campaign was very successful with a 4 million reach and 92% positive feedback from the stakeholders. The campaign helped build a good base for Canberra based social media platforms to grow their following.

NOURISH Campaign

OZHarvest partners with TAFE NSW to curate a full training program supported by volunteers, mentors and qualified industry professional to create a pathway to employment for at risk youth.

NOURISH is a free program for students who want to participate. It jumpstarts students career in the hospitality industry.

“The Nourish program seriously changed my life. They pushed me to reach my full potential even when I wanted to quit. This course enabled me to reach my full capabilities.” Nourish Program Graduate 2015.

The NOURISH campaign saw a huge success rate in the past two years, with quite heavy social media activity it gained popularity among youth at risk and advocates for youth agencies.

Ashley Killeen, Head of Communications and Marketing at OZHarvest, will be sharing her insights and campaign goals at Shaping the Future of Government Marketing & Communications Conference in Canberra on the 19th & 20th of September.

Submitted by Ash Natesh

Ash Natesh

Ash is the Content Marketer at Criterion Conferences. Writing and sourcing content is all part of her day to day routine. She can’t stop drinking coffee, other than coffee her interests lie in Music, long walks amidst the mountains, Dance, Anime, Science Fiction and all things nerdy!

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