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Aug 18
Author:Ash Natesh
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Risk remains the same in the public sector?! Has there really been no change?

Find out how to employ data-driven methods for risk measurement, encourage organisational engagement to foster innovation and positive risk culture. 

See what the experts have to say.

Councils failing to act on biggest risks: Report

Author: Georgia Clark, Government News

Infrastructure, financial sustainability and health and safety are the greatest risks for local government, according to a new analysis that finds many councils are failing to adequately prepare.

More than half of all councils are failing to execute practices to “rein in” some of their greatest risks, including human and environmental issues, according to Aon’s annual risk report on local government.

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Risk remains much the same in the public sector

Author: James Dunn, Financial Review

The view of risk management for the public sector is not greatly different to that of the private sector, despite the common perception that absence of the profit motive – and threat of business failure – necessarily implies a different approach.

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Six myths about government cyber security

Author: Nigel Bowen, The Mandarin

Australia is not alone in confronting malicious cyber attacks. Many governments face similar threats and can learn from each other’s approaches and the technologies they are deploying. First, there are several myths public agencies need to get over if they are to build deep resilience against cyber attack. Ari Weil, a US cyber technology expert and the strategic product leader at Akamai explains.

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When nudge comes to shove: making e-health opt-out was always a risky venture

Author: Stephen Easton, The Mandarin

The sudden rush to opt out of e-health records this week amid a groundswell of delayed-action privacy concerns demonstrates that governments have to be very careful about how and when they use the most powerful nudge of all.

Default enrolment – opt-out rather than opt-in – is the “the Usain Bolt of nudges” in the words of law professor Cass Sunstein, who helped coin the term nudge to describe government interventions that preserve individual choice, in contrast to mandates and bans.

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Australian Bureau Of Statistics Selects RiskWare

Author: Riskology, Riskware

For over 110 years the ABS has contributed to the well being of Australians by providing high quality statistical information. However, with the inevitable challenges of limited resources, expanding user demands, and keeping ahead of the variety of measurement requirements within a dynamic economy, society and environment, the ABS acknowledges it will need to make difficult choices around their priority statistics and respective effort.

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Find out more about Risk Management Strategies from Industry experts like Gavin Pearce, (Chief Risk Officer, iCare), Michael Kral (Chief Risk Officer, Department of Education & Training, VIC), Dr Emma Soane (Associate Professor, Department of Management & Consultant, London School of Economics & Leading Edge Change) at the Strategic Risk Management in Government Conference on the 14th & 15th November in Sydney.


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