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Nov 18
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On 21st November 2018, the Australian Government announced its 7 year strategy for full Digital Transformation meaning that all services will be available digitally in 2025.

Intended changes include being able to register births, marriages and deaths across federal, state and territory governments in one instance rather than for each individual body.The Government also intends to expand its pilot digital identity system, myGovID, with the intention of making it the de facto log-in across all services.” – ARN

This strategy includes a new citizen identity pilot and the ability for government to work with small and medium providers of digital services.

Criterion Conferences is holding a conference called “Digital Transformation and Optimisation” at QT in Canberra on 19th and 20th February which will address this strategy in a step-by-step format that any government departments of all sizes can follow.

However, we recognise that the journey will not be easy. It cannot be successful unless it is delivered in a step by step approach, learning from mistakes along the way but celebrating success.

The Criterion conference will discuss the starting points, the roadblocks, the issues and the success stories. Delegates get to discuss their individual situations and we will provide some answers.

Sponsors get the chance to take part in this discussion, and we are keen to hear from those who can provide:-

– digital skills

– user-centric service design

– intelligent automation of processes

– cloud transformation

– data analytics to inform website navigation

– war stories about what has worked and what hasn’t.

For more information about sponsoring this conference, please contact David Huggan on 02 9239 5710 or

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