DevOps jobs in hot demand

Jan 15
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 Development, applications and systems engineers are in hot demand as we commence 2015.

A recent report released by recruitment heavyweight Hays, has outlined some of the critical trends for 2015 and many takeaways highlighted in the report point to a steep demand in development systems engineers.

The recent Hays Quarterly Report for IT (January-March) warned many employers had not adapted to the high demand for web developers and were offering salaries well below current pay ranges.

The report said, “Also, employers need to accelerate their recruitment process to be able to secure the right talent or they will be forced to hire the second-tier candidates rejected by their competitors.’’  Source: The Australian

So why the sudden upsurge in IT staff? Well, according to global thought leader in DevOps, Gene Kim, the answer definitely comes down to need for all organisation’s to respond much quicker internally to external pressures from customers.

“Customers demand everything now and businesses have no choice but to respond.”

“The trick business now is to structure their operations and development teams to work together more effectively, to increase responsiveness and outcomes.”

Gene’s comments points to a challenge that will be two pronged for business as they seek to organise their IT teams and maximise their customer promise and develop superior services.

Gene is flying out to Australia in March to join Criterion’s Innovating IT Services conference. This event is all about how to take your organisation to the next level in order to respond to rapid technology change. Check out this website for more details and don’t forget Gene’s full day workshop too. 

 Innovating It services - Criterion Conferences

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