The Defence Force – Setting the Example for Public Sector Digital Marketing

Jun 15
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“When the topic of using social media to improve public services came up in discussions with public sector delegates from around the world at this year’s Ovum Industry Congress, Wallace says many expressed frustration at the difficulty of identifying relevant information amid the deluge of tweets and fear of the impact of publicly visible complaints.” James Henderson, Computerworld, New Zealand

In the eyes of public sector representatives, the world of social media can be seen as anarchic – it lacks rules, governing and overall regulation. Yes, it is pretty much an open forum; a vulnerable range of channels that leave you open to feedback (positive or negative), criticism and of course, an array of opinions. However, in the modern era of digital marketing, communication and content, the fear of public visible complaints must be pushed aside to make way for the new trends which are taking the private and public sector by storm – networking and discussion amongst your peers.

Over recent years, the Defence Force, not only in Australia but internationally also, has demonstrated outstanding innovation in their digital marketing and communication efforts. The most well-known on a national scale is the advertisement from 2008/2009 which shows flashbacks from some of Australia’s most recognisable conflicts with the inspirational tunes from ‘Rise’ driving the patriotic underlying messages. This song quickly became the theme for joining the Defence Force, following through with the general theme: rise for your nation.

In saying this, the UK Army Reserve has taken it one step higher on the digital communication scale with their hashtag #BeTheBest flooding their most recent 2015 marketing campaigns.

How can we keep up to speed with these innovative strategies and capture stakeholder interest through digital channels? Do you have what it takes to #BeTheBest at public sector digital marketing and communication?

Hear from an array of public sector representatives on how they’re exploring practical ways to improve marketing and communications at the Public Sector Digital Marketing & Communications Conference. Be sure to keep an eye out for interactive workshop B from the Global Content Editor of Tourism Australia – How to build an innovative digital strategy. This workshop will be sure to increase your outreach and engagement.

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