Building a long term sustainable pavement management strategy

Apr 17
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The Campbelltown City Council area has 718 kilometres of local road infrastructure assets, with a replacement cost of approximately $400 million.

The rapid growth of Campbelltown City, from 25,000 residents in 1966 to more than 160,000 today, has required a significant investment in infrastructure, including the road network, to service the ever-growing residential, commercial and industrial estates and ensure continued connectivity within the city. The strategic centre status of Campbelltown’s CBD, and its importance in servicing the wider Macarthur region – including a significant portion of the South West Growth Centre – has also significantly impacted the need for Campbelltown City Council to ensure that its road network is well maintained and sustainable.

Sustainable pavement management strategy

Due to increased financial pressure to maintain the ‘smooth surface’ of urban local roads expected by the local community, Campbelltown City Council has developed and adopted a sustainable pavement management strategy. This strategy optimises the budget’s capacity and also meets the local community’s expectations for smooth and safe roads.

Council’s Road Asset Management Plan identifies a set of Council-endorsed levels of service for all classes of roads to provide the basis for life cycle management strategies and works programs. These levels of service support Council’s strategic goals, provide guidance for the scope of current and future services offered, and were based on customer expectations and statutory requirements, along with:

  • Community research and expectations
  • Information gathered from customers on expected quality and cost of services
  • Strategic and corporate goals
  • Legislative requirements
  • Environmental standards that impact on the way assets are managed.

Pavement Management Strategy

In determining the levels of services for road assets, Council implemented the fundamentals of the Pavement Management System (PMS). In PMS, road condition is measured by Pavement Condition Index (PCI), which is a range of 0 to 10. The overall condition in terms of PCI is defined as below:

  • 0 to 2.5: Very Poor Condition
  • 2.5 to 4: Poor Condition
  • 4.0 to 5.5: Average Condition
  • 5.5 to 8: Good Condition
  • 8 to 10: Excellent Condition

To achieve the above target levels of PCI, a comprehensive pavement management strategy was developed by Council, with the objective of maintaining and improving pavement infrastructure assets for the long term. The strategy flows through Council’s Pavement Management System and considers budget constraints, condition assessments of the network, treatment selections and suitability.

A variety of failure modes are assessed to identify each individual road segment’s Pavement Condition Index rating. This information is then utilised to identify the appropriate treatment to extend the segment’s life and improve its PCI – from rejuvenation and microsurfacing, through to full-depth reconstruction.


The strategy has resulted in an increase in the quantum of roads treated annually within existing financial constraints, while improving the overall condition of the road network and satisfying the community’s high expectations, and resulted in the following benefits:

  • Saved 45% on treatment costs
  • Saved 200,000 tonnes of pavement materials from disposal
  • Reduced construction traffic
  • Reduced truck generated pollution
  • Reduced damage to local roads due to trucking operations
  • Saved 150,000 tonnes quarried material
  • Significant energy savings
  • Drastically reduced construction time and lane closure

By adopting a systematic and innovative approach, acting proactively, and implementing a comprehensive pavement management strategy, Campbelltown City Council has been able to optimise service levels and minimise risk within budget constraints.

Mahbub Hossain will be speaking on ‘Building a long term sustainable pavement management strategy’ at the Road Engineering & Maintenance conference, taking place in Sydney this May.

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Submitted by Mahbub Hossain

Mahbub Hossain

Mahbub Hossain has 20 years of local government experience, gained at Campbelltown City Council, and for last sixteen years as Coordinator of Asset services section. Mahbub holds a Degree in Civil Engineering with a Masters in Engineering Management. Particular areas of interest are asset management, pavement management and forward planning of infrastructure maintenance and improvement. Mahbub is been a key member of Council’s Asset Management Team, in the introduction and promotion of Asset Management Systems and Strategies.

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