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Oct 14
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How many times have you heard the line, “governments around the country are facing unprecedented change”? 20? 30? 100 times? 

This blog is not going to do that, but I want to give you a quick update on some of the conversations I have been having with senior representatives from each of the States and Territory’s, as well as our leaders in Canberra. And, of course change management has a lot to do with it.

Moving towards the cloud and a managed service operating environment means, for many departments, that business conditions, as they know them, have dramatically changed, reversed, turned upside down… well, you get the picture. 

As one high profiled NSW CIO describes it, the IT department of the future is going to be very very different. How? Here are a few insights: 

  • The end of user device management
  • The end of the corporate network
  • The end of the enterprise data centre​
  • The end of the IT department
  • The rise of the Chief Services Broker

As this plays out, it will basically mean that IT teams shrink; and expenditure flow from capital to operational in nature.

But this change extends beyond just the IT department. The impact that customers are now inflicting on government and enterprise means that strategists and decision makers are forced to be far more agile and responsive in their decision making.

NSW Minister of Finance Perrottet has recently outlined the NSW ‘digital first’ strategy will drive NSW’s ICT program into the New Year with a renewed focus on mobile apps, data analytics, and internet technologies and is in direct response to shifting citizen expectations.

Minister for Finance and Services Dominic Perrottet told CIO the blueprint will deliver on digital leadership, break down silos of information and encourage “new ways of doing things.

The biggest obstacle of going digital is “looking at things in the same old way,” Perrottet said.

Government generally is set in its ways. It’s now about driving innovation and coordination across organisations.” 

If you wanted to hear more about how governments around the country, at both state and federal levels, are actually beginning their transition, learning valuable lessons and getting some wins on the board then answers are on the way.

Watch this space as there is a new event on the way. If you’d like to start learning more about the major government changes in IT, dig into the Australian health care services which must utilise technologies to modernise and improve efficiency. 

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Criterion Content Team

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