5 Social Media Posts to Boost Public Engagement

Jan 18
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1) Sharing good news stories

Public Sector organisations get a lot of negative press which can make it hard to generate a positive relationship with the public. Good news posts about organisational achievements can be a great way of generating positive publicity. Transport NSW created a summary video at the end of 2017 to celebrate their achievements.

2) Using competitions and prizes

Competitions and exclusive prizes can be an effective way to generate engagement with the public. The rewards don’t have to be massive, but it does go a long way to fostering a relationship with followers and gaining new ones.  The City of Parramatta leveraged this successfully for Australia Day 2018.

3) Maximising memes

Memes and other viral images and videos can be a great way of increasing views, likes and engagement with the public.  NSW Police has recently been leveraging memes with a lot of success. But beware, it can go wrong very easily – so choose memes with care.

4) Featuring content from stakeholders

Sharing content created by your followers can be a very effective tool for engagement and opens up the line of communication. By featuring your follower and tagging them, the awareness of your organisation also grows through their social networks. NSW National Parks has been using this strategy to build relationships and create an engaging newsfeed.

5) Encouraging user generated content

Promoting the positive interactions the public has with your service is essential to growing your online presence. User generated content is highly beneficial for this but also gives you credibility because their posts seem objective. Queensland Health is successfully building relationships with their patients through Instagram this way.

Creative posts are a great way of boosting engagement, but they have to fit into your overall communications strategy. Learn more about how  Transport NSW, City of Parramatta, NSW Police, NSW National Parks, Queensland Health and other innovative organisations are building a creative and engaging presence without compromising their brand, at the Optimising Social Media for the Public Sector Conference.


Submitted by Katherine Kingsle

Katherine Kingsle

Katherine is a Conference Producer at Criterion. She is a global citizen, having lived in India, New Zealand and the United States, and she currently resides in Sydney, Australia. She has an interest in politics, film and art, and is an avid reader of trashy mystery novels.

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