4 top tips to drive sustainability in road maintenance

Mar 14
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With State Road Authorities and Local Councils continuously searching for new, improved and innovative ways to provide high quality road maintenance services, the search for the best model of service is ongoing. With different states and councils come different goals and challenges and aligning these to your service delivery model can be tricky. Outsourcing to contractors has become a widely adopted approach however this raises the challenge of developing a contracting model that will achieve the best performance outcomes for your project, asset, budget and customers.

With maintenance funding for local councils from Federal and State government set to contract in the future, local councils are now searching not only for guidelines on what level of service is expected now that funding is cut but are there areas to improve cost efficiencies that haven’t been explored before.

Sustainability has become a focus for both local and state road maintenance managers. Looking at ways to predict fluctuations in costs and ways to develop sustainable long term sustainable financial plans for road maintenance is an ongoing struggle across the board. Here are four top tips for local councils:

  • Benchmark and measure performance to effectively determine and demonstrate value for money
  • Align your contracting model with your long term road maintenance goals and objectives
  • Use international and domestic benchmarked best practice to continuously promote innovation in processes, systems and contracting models
  • Conduct sustainability reviews to effectively assess the pitfalls and successes to allow for informed plans for the future

The differences in approaches to sustainable road maintenance across state and local level means there is no one shoe fits all solution to the challenges faced but the need for better knowledge share of best practice and innovation to improve overall service delivery nationally.

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Road Maintenance 2016 

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