Which Aussie Universities are Winning on Social Media in 2015?

Mar 15
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Back in June 2014, I wrote a blog on Australia’s most influential Universities on Twitter and Facebook. Nine months down the track I thought it would be worth seeing who has made the most progress from those same Universities. 

Progress is essential for every Australian University right now with the deregulation of higher education fees set to spark shifts in student decision making. Institutions are going to need more targeted marketing efforts and creative content to differentiate themselves from the competition.  So who is really doing it?

Overall there are some massive shifts in the number of followers many of the Universities have acquired. But for me there are really two stand outs this time, including:

1. The University of Sydney have increased almost across the board:
– increase in Twitter followers by 36%
– 2nd most active tweeting over the last 30 days
– A Topsy Sentiment score increase of 14
– The most Facebook fans engaging 
– World University Ranking increase of 12

2. Once again the University of Adelaide comes up high on my list for several key factors. They’ve had a massive jump in not only their world University Ranking but also their Twitter following whilst managing to increase their sentiment score and having the most engaged Facebook following among the list. 

What strategies are you using to engage with your students on social media?
How does your University compare to the ten listed here?

Univ Social Scores(View larger image here)

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Social Media in Tertiary Education 2016


Submitted by John Burgher, Marketing Director, Criterion Conferences

John Burgher, Marketing Director, Criterion Conferences

John is a Marketing Director with over 12 years of B2B experience in the UK, Asia and Australia. He’s an ideas guy, foodie and a gadget geek who is always looking for the next ‘big thing’. If John had a super power he would love to plug into the matrix, and become superhuman. You connect with John on Linkedin http://au.linkedin.com/in/johnburgher

6 thoughts on “Which Aussie Universities are Winning on Social Media in 2015?

  1. Hi Jared,

    University of Tasmania scores pretty well too.

    Australian Ranking 20=
    World Ranking = 401-410
    5124 Twitter Followers
    677 tweets in the last 30 days
    Topsy Score 64
    88,125 Facebook likes and 1,271 People Talking About This

    As the original piece was only done on the top 10 Aussie uni’s by world ranking I don’t have your previous stats to compare to.

    But that doesn’t mean those Uni’s outside the top 10 ranked Uni’s aren’t doing wonderful work too.


  2. Thank you for the article. Your rankings don’t seem to match those of EduRank for Social Media, do you know why that might be.
    Also conscious that these positions change from month to month, and from the latest report those universities you have suggested aren’t doing very well from an engagement point of view so just curious…
    How do we see the full list of Australian Universities?

    1. HI Silvia,

      The statistics were correct at the time of publishing the post. So there may be differences now 4 months later depending what each Uni has done since then. Also I am not sure how EduRank calculate their ranking so can’t comment on your comparison. In short our report was a snapshot in time.

      We do have plans to look at doing the full list of Unis from Australia and New Zealand as well as including TAFEs . At the time it was purely looking at the top unis according to the Times World University Rankings. Then we looked at those Unis to see how they rated socially.

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