A look into the Western Sydney University vertical campus

May 18
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The Western Sydney University’s Parramatta vertical campus is a major economic catalyst and one of the most technologically advanced teaching and research spaces developed in Australia and across the world.

The Parramatta City vertical campus, opened in May 2017, is an ambitious project undertaken by Western Sydney University. This 14-storey, five star building is the first high-rise campus of the university with two more underway! It is not only an architecture masterpiece but also one of the most technologically advanced teaching and research spaces developed in Australia reshaping the way Australian universities look like.

The building dispenses with traditional lecture theatres as well as with informal, collaborative learning spaces supporting innovation and group-based learning. The vertical campus boasts with extensive range of modern technology including writable walls allowing academics to teach from all angles, computers on wheels, and interactive touch screens to allow students to share and compare work around the classroom.

To help students to get around the building, touch screens with digital navigation system are put in place providing students with real-time updates on their classroom timetable, public transport information, or  weather forecast!


Learn much more about this amazing project at Criterion’s Creating 21st Century Learning Spaces in Tertiary Education conference, which will take place in Melbourne on August 14th & 15th.

Submitted by Maisie Holder

Maisie Holder

Maisie is a producer on Criterion’s Production Team. Originally from Essex, she has previously worked as a conference producer in the UK and has experience across the health, housing and university sectors. To the delight of her fellow colleagues, Maisie is a skilled cook and baker – she readily has her famous Millionaire’s Shortbread on hand for when that 3pm arvo slump hits.

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