Resilience building in action: A case study

Sep 17
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J&G is excited to be working at the frontlines of this great challenge, developing and empowering leaders to survive and thrive in the changing world around us.

We recently partnered with a large and geographically dispersed system of NSW schools which is deeply committed to the wellbeing of its leaders and to ongoing system and school improvement, and continues to look for effective ways to build capacity and capability.
Few workplaces are changing as rapidly as the education sector, where leaders are faced with increasing external scrutiny, demanding parent and student expectations of delivery, mounting system governance and compliance requirements, increasingly stressed and distressed parents and staff.
Our ultimate aim was to contribute to the ongoing improvement in wellbeing and school performance through a focus on leader and team resilience at work.
Our approach
Our approach to building resilience with a cohort is based on the Resilience @ Work™(R@W) framework developed by psychologist Kathryn McEwen and her associates. This holistic assessment breaks resilience down into seven factors which can each be addressed in order to grow an individual’s resilience.
We worked with HR & Safety experts within the client organisation to co-design a bespoke professional development program for a diverse (K-12, Primary, Secondary & Technical College) group of Principals and their schools. The program was a pilot with potential for broader roll-out.
For each Principal in our pilot cohort we:
  • Administered individual and team R@W assessments
  • De-briefed individual assessment results individually
  • Facilitated a highly interactive workshop to unpack the implications of the results and develop resilience-building strategies based on each Principal’s strengths
  • Supplied resources and tools to support ongoing learning & application.
The program was a success, upon evaluation the client decided to extend it to larger numbers of Principals and schools across the state.
Read up
Our new ThinkPaper, Resilience in the workplace – The key to unlock performance during change, explores the case for building this vital resource in greater detail, and provides a great starting point for resilience conversations in your workplace. You can download it here.

Submitted by Mike Hennessy

Mike Hennessy

I am a Consultant, Facilitator and registered Psychologist with seven years’ experience in the private sector and a further four years’ experience in the social sector. I am passionate about collaborating with organisations that do good in the world and I’m currently working with the great team at J&G Consulting to chase that shared goal.

My consulting experience encompasses management of the project lifecycle from business development through to delivery and evaluation for public, private and social sector clients both large and small. I’ve designed and delivered initiatives to address client challenges which include strategic organisation design, reward strategy, leadership assessment & development, classification structure design, job evaluation, learning & development and psychometric assessment.

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