Meet the experts in learning space design

Jun 18
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Creating 21st Century Learning Spaces in Tertiary Education will be bringing together campus development experts from across the nation, here’s a snippet of the exceptional people you can expect to hear from.

Understanding what the critical aspects of a space are, and making sure that these attributes are utilised effectively is no easy feat, luckily, David Suder, Deputy Executive Director & Director Campus Development, Monash University, has the answers. David will help you understand how many modern spaces you need, how to convert your existing spaces, while unpacking the design process.

The University of Canterbury suffered significant damage in the recent earthquakes. Lorraine Pearce, Space Manager, University of Canterbury, NZ will talk you through the recovery of assets and how the University is addressing student-focused learning and building design in the future.

Professor Michael Sankey, Deputy Director (Learning Transformation), Griffith University will be looking at Learning spaces as mash-ups to help you understand how to develop spaces for today’s diverse student body through the comparison of work and practice across 5 institutions.

Check out the full list of speakers here. To find out more download the brochure.

Submitted by Maisie Holder

Maisie Holder

Maisie is a producer on Criterion’s Production Team. Originally from Essex, she has previously worked as a conference producer in the UK and has experience across the health, housing and university sectors. To the delight of her fellow colleagues, Maisie is a skilled cook and baker – she readily has her famous Millionaire’s Shortbread on hand for when that 3pm arvo slump hits.

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