Making Customer-Centric Strategies Take Hold

Jan 19
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This article was written by the Harvard Business Review and sponsored by Strativity. All credit goes to Harvard Business Review and Strativity.

Five Strategies for Successful Customer-Centric Execution

The race to stay relevant to customers in this fast-changing business environment is becoming even more intense. Customer centricity is on every organization’s top strategic agenda. Yet, companies are established to serve products or solutions and are often designed for process delivery efficiencies and not for harmonized customer-centric delivery. From training to measurements, those organizations are set to be successful as a product or process-centric company.

The customer is merely a by-product of their operation—not the center of it. The answer is an integrated approach, linking strategy, vision, organizational alignment, and employee training and empowerment with measurements. To succeed in accelerating customer centricity, consider the following five strategies:

  • Create a meaningful, human cause.
  • Integrate initiatives into a holistic program.
  • Design strategies for employee performance.
  • Align processes to metrics to accelerate.
  • Set the standard at “exceptional” in everything.

Customer centricity needs to be designed for employee execution and ensure that each employee is ready, willing, and capable of delivering on the customer-centric strategy.

At Strativity, we have delivered over 160 transformations for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, helping them find their genuine love for customers and design their operation to reflect it. Utilizing a proprietary integrated approach that ranges from assessment through innovation and process redesign to training and sustainable cultural transformation, we provide a center of excellence for companies seeking to accelerate their customer-centric strategy execution.

By following this methodology, we can guide our clients to live their brand promise authentically and profitably—just like a European logistics company that shifted from 3 percent annual organic growth to 44 percent annual organic growth in two years, or a luxury car manufacturer with over 25,000 employees nationwide jumping to the top of a customer satisfaction list in two years.

With diverse experience in health care, financial services, B2B, automotive, and consumer products, we help each client transform its brand promise into differentiated customer experiences that drive exceptional business results. Let us explore together how to unleash the exceptional within your organization.

Continue reading the full article about the customer-centric strategies. 

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