Looking outside the sector to improve service quality across IT in universities

Jun 18
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Improving the service quality across IT in universities is both a massive priority and infinitely easier said than done.

There is no doubt that the industry features some truly brilliant people, working on some exceedingly clever and innovative projects. At the same time, however, the Michelin Man would be sweating in his sleep at the amount of wheel reinvention occurring in the sector.

As a whole, universities have traditionally been rather insular, and dare I say it a little behind the times in adapting to change. Yet this doesn’t have to be so. Looking at the hiring practices into key technological positions being created and filled across Australia and New Zealand’s top facilities – more and more are being filled by those external to the sector. Martin Bean as Vice-Chancellor and President of RMIT is an excellent example of this occurring at the very highest levels.

Are we really so certain that the challenges universities are facing are so unique that it’s not worth drafting behind those externally who are so graciously blazing a trail? Achieving excellent customer service is the name of the game. That’s the business you are in.

This is the message coming out of top IT professionals sector-wide. In the words of David Grey from Auckland University:

‘I went to three service-oriented conferences last year, and I got the most out of hearing from those OUTSIDE the sector’.

David went on to explain how knowing what the banks have done around help desk technology and understanding how local government implemented a radical cultural change gave more tangible ideas and inspiration than hearing from those still in the same position.

From our perspective, this year’s 5th Annual University IT Service Strategy & Challenges conference has heard this feedback loud and clear. We’ve sought out leading case studies from ANZ, ServiceNSW and Optus and twisted their arm into coming along to share their key learnings through the lens of university focused forum.

Whether or not you come to our conference (please do). It may just be worth expanding your horizons, to hear and network with those outside the sector – they may just have an innovative suggestion for tackling the most vexing of current challenges.  

To see this year’s lineup and other sneak previews for the 5th Annual University IT Service Strategy & Challenges conferenceclick here!


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Criterion Content Team

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