Insights into Mad Paws Digital Marketing Strategies

Nov 18
Author:Ash Natesh
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We spoke to Karim Mouahbi from Mad Paws about his insights on growing a digital marketing funnel with great ROI. Here is what he had to say…

How did Mad Paws Build a brand around digital marketing?

Building a brand with digital marketing is the future of everything now, everything is digital. Your brand doesn’t just exist in one static place, whether it be university on campus, it is not only on campus anymore. You need to have the DNA of your brand in all the different touch points where your consumers may be. Whether that be for your consumers or potential students, going digital will help you always learn as much as possible in regards to their journey that somebody takes within that funnel.

There is no one size fits all approach to strategizing digitally

What are some tips that you suggest for an optimised digital marketing strategy?

At Mad Paws we track everything, but we track everything down to the finest detail. Whether it be a user or a market that we are testing, we are a marketplace, so we try to understand and create compatibility between the supply and the demand. So if we know that people have got experience with pets and pet owners in a specific demographic, we try to do our best to apply learnings from previous bookings with similar characteristics with those users to find a pet owner or a pet sitter a perfect match so they have the best experience tailored to them.

At Mads Paws we have a lot of raw data and a lot of different technical tracking tools. One of them is inSegment to segment our data into different sections and we have also recently been using Redshift and pushing our data into Tableau for a more detailed customer journey. We also use a software called Mixpanel which really visualises our data in an actionable way which is extremely important.

How did Mad Paws scale so quickly, share your secrets?

Well it’s all about finding a product market fit, we found product market fit a little while ago and we have implemented best practices and we are always trying to build on those best practices whether that be changes in our products, changes in our day to day business operations or changes in our marketing acquisition strategy.

I do know one thing, anything that happens in a startup that happens in one week would generally take anywhere from 6 months to a year in a university. So what can be transformed could definitely be the methodology around testing and giving things a go. You don’t need to switch your entire strategy and digital paradigm to try to move the needle. I think its understanding what the KPI’s are of what you are trying to move and knowing what you can possibly do to optimise those KPI performance.

If you have an optimised funnel and optimised methodology around your digital marketing strategy, then you should be in a position where you are scaling at all times, and with scaling comes positive ROI. So budget cuts shouldn’t actually be a downfall, it should be an opportunity for universities to spend money on digital to get a better return on investment. If there are budget cuts then the traditional way of doing business has not necessarily scaled in the way that it always has. So they can use more digital marketing strategies to increase their ROI.

Learn transferable skills and insights on establishing one of Australia’s most exciting online startups by enhancing user experience from Karim Mouhabi, Head of Marketing at Mad Paws at the 4th annual Digital Marketing for Higher Education Conference, 19th & 20th March 2019, Sydney.

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