Introducing Luke Shaw, Team Leader of Information Technology Service Desk, University of Newcastle

Jun 18
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One leg of our service desk triumvirate is Luke Shaw – Team Leader of the Information Technology Service Desk at the University of Newcastle. Aside from being a really nice guy, we’ve invited Luke along to discuss some of the initiatives that Newcastle have in place and how they’ve overcome specific challenges around the training and management of the service desk at the 5th Annual University IT Service Strategy & Challenges conference.

The University of Newcastle made the move some years ago to combine the service desk and field support teams into a single entity. Quite a different structure from the traditional model; when correctly implemented (no simple task!) the thought process allows for a greater degree of flexibility in peak periods and capitalises on what can be an increasingly converging skill set at the tier one level.

Staff poaching, secondment and high turnover at the service desk is a challenge across universities; for Luke – although it can cause an occasional migraine, it’s important to view it holistically. Silo culture can be a real issue, with a lack of understanding and collaboration occurring between different business units. By focusing on creating a strong positive social culture as a priority within the service/field desk teams, the links are retaining wherever in the facility the – the bond of understanding between units can be greatly enhanced.

To see this year’s lineup and other sneak previews for the 5th Annual University IT Service Strategy & Challenges conferenceclick here!

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